How To Get Your Children Interested in Art

With all of the electronic gadgets around today for children to enjoy, sometimes parents forget to expose their children to activities that foster in them an appreciation for culture and the world around them in general. One such aspect is a genuine appreciation for art. By taking your children to art galleries and doing various art activities with them, your children will start to love art and possibly consider a career in this field as they get older. Here are some ways you can instill a love for art in your children by taking them to local galleries.

One thing you can do is have them research the history behind the artwork that will be featured at the museum or gallery. For example, if the exhibit will feature the artwork of artists from the Harlem Renaissance, you can talk with your children about how this was a time during the 1920s when African Americans started to gain wide recognition for their art. Visit kid-friendly websites that discuss the Harlem Renaissance and have them ask questions about what they read.

When you bring the children to the exhibit, let them stare at the pieces and formulate their own interpretations of the artwork they see. Art is often interpreted in different ways by people and this is a skill that your children will need to learn if they are going to have a love for art. You can also talk about what you think the meaning of certain art pieces are.

Take advantage of days at art galleries and museums when the staff holds interactive events for children. Many of these events are free or at discount prices and the children can get hands-on experience in creating art. The children may be allowed to paint pictures, create photo collages of themselves and family members or work with pottery. This gets them excited about art and it might become a new hobby for them.


Another idea is to inquire about holding an art-themed birthday party at a museum or local gallery for your child. You can serve the usual cake and casual foods there with the staff’s permission and the children can dress up as well known figures in art history. During the party the staff can have the children watch videos of different art movements in history. Taking your children to galleries
will help understand and appreciate art better and instill a sense of creativity in them.